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Our Services 


Here you can see our range of high-quality services.

You can be sure that our services always meet the latest standards and your requirements.

Our team is hard working, well organised and professional and aim to work effectively and efficiently to ensure they meet all the deadlines before hand in order to ensure that there is room and time for changes if requested by the client.

  • Set Design - We can design any set as per the clients specifications and requirements. We can provide digital designs and models made to scale to ensure that the design meets the clients expectations.
  • Set Building and Manufacturing - Once our quotation has been accepted and approved with the go ahead given, we proceed in building the set according to the specifications of the designs. We aim to complete each project before the given deadlines as an added bonus to ensure that there is no delay for the production to continue.
  • Installations and rigging - We have a team that goes out to the venue to set up each set or stage according to the design and production teams requirements.  
  • Set Swings - We offer an added n service of set swings to accompany the productions by doing set swings when more than one set is used in a studio
  • Standby and Maintenance - Once installation of the set or stage has been done, we offer stand by and maintenance services upon request. This is where we will attend the day where shooting will take place in case the set or stage needs to move or be altered.
  • Revamping of old sets - We also offer revamping services of old sets. When the design does not change, but the set needs a face lift and some maintenance, we can make the set look new again.
  • Derigging and removals - Once production is complete, we offer a service to derig the set and remove it from said studio or location.
  • Storage facilities - For the ongoing productions taking a break from shooting, we offer storage facilities to store the set and keep it safe
  • Transportation - If a set needs to be moved between studio or location and storage facilities, we can arrange transport at affordable prices.
  • Exhibition stands - We build, and install exhibition stands
  • Events - We build and install stages and back screens for events 
  • Game Shows - We can build games for game shows as per requirements

If you are interested in any of the above mentioned services provided, or have a query regarding these services, please contact us for more information.